Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sneak-peek at PirateBox Design (new)

I went from my original idea towards another design, I think this looks "cooler", little bit more advanced maybe and easier to see through as well. See printscreen below:

So far:
  • The layout will remain more or less the same as I am planning at the moment. 
  • Site uses iframe, so when upload is running you can still browse and chat, etc without interrupting the process.
  • There is a progress bar for the upload, only visible when you are actually uploading a file, will be quite handy when/if I make the upload work properly.
  • The chat is working fine. Moved it to separate page, so there is no excess drive/CPU usage when not needed.
  • The shown page above is the "About" page, when connected users get redirected to the Home page. My idea was that everyone can build a short Home page (that will be shown in the frame, so no hassle) and show that first to anyone who joins. A little info, etc.
  • Browse for files is also working as far as I could tell.

Work needs to be done on:
  • Upload script is not working at the moment. I have been trying to make it work fir the past few days in my free time (don't have much apparently) but there seems to be an issue with the php script handling the upload. Also need to allow php in the lighttpd settings, don't remember if its allowed by default or not.
  • Also trying to add a scrip that would detect mobile browsers from phone for example. These would be redirected to a simpler site. Not because of bandwith usage (no intenet plan used) but because of convenience. Maybe original, simple setup or something similar.
  • If I can make the upload script work, I might consider adding a function of uploading multiple files at a time, still in question.
  • I will test the design with as many computers as possible, iPads if I can get them etc. and see if it works OK.
This is just a quick update to say I am working on stuff, but because of the lack of time I am not progressing super-fast. Also I have to learn a lot in the meanwhile about css, html, scripting etc, so yes...I'll keep you posted.

If anyone has any ideas or questions (really...any) feel free to share/ask. Also as soon as I have a working "beta version" of my design I will upload it and post a link here.

Please check the more recent version: UPDATE

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