Tuesday, July 10, 2012

OneSwarm in Ubuntu

OneSwarm is a lightweight, anonymous P2P file sharing software. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac as well, both 32 and 64 bit versions. While traditional P2P sharing programmes share data with anyone who ask for it, in OneSwarm you can limit who you want to share your files with. Friends only, chosen friends or public, its entirely up to you.

Check out www.oneswarm.org to download and learn more.

It takes some time to learn using the software if you are new to it, but after that it comes with benefits and easy use.

Some basic setting when you start

Firstly you will need a server to connect to and some friend to transfer files. A good way to start is to add the following URL in both cases: https://oneswarm-support.appspot.com/
You find the link to add the server and friends list on the left hand side of the screen, see below:
Click Add server and copy in the URL provided above. Do the same with Add friends, choose "Subscribe to a friend feed from a community server" and paste the URL. You should have a number of friends and the longer you stay on the network the more will be discovered, the easier file sharing will be.

One issue so far, solved easily

A recent issue I had though was an error message when starting the software saying:
***Required thread seems to have died: OS Friend Connector

Now after looking at the forums I have found a post where it was said that a file could be corrupted and fixing this is easy. Go to your:
folder and delete your osf2f.friends file.
(Open your home folder, press Ctrl+H and look for the .oneswarm folder, navigate from there)
Use one of the backups available to recover this file, simple rename it and remove the .backup tag. The file is generated and updated with each new friend made on the network  anyway.
Your OneSwarm should be running now.

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