Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ubuntu tablet

Earlier today Ubuntu tablet was announced. 

The brief promo video shows how fast the OS works on a tablet computer. Seamless change between applications and stunning multi task experience. Head over to Ubuntu.com to learn more!

The user interface looks mostly identical to that of the Ubuntu phone, hence the "unity", uniformity across devices. The same simple and fast interface on a larger screen allowing you to use both hands or watch videos, view and edit images or video chat with friends. Very nice first impression with the extremely fast and responsive system. I have used android tablets before, but this seems like a new user experience. I like the layout, the controls and the full utilization of the screen.

Just like in the case of the Ubuntu phone, I really hope that the tablet can run a terminal as well.

To learn more about functions and features read my post about the Ubuntu Phone and watch the video above. Don't forget to check out Ubuntu.com either!