Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New PirateBox Design

I am working on some web design for the new lighttpd version of the PirateBox. Html websites can be easily added and modified, but since PB is often run on OpenWRT routers -that are not too strong in terms of CPU power- no flash etc. is used.

I started looking at templates online to see if I could modify one of them to get what I needed. I found a template that more or less matches the style and minimal function requirements that I was looking for initially. Just a quick look at the start page at this stage:

This would be the start page where users get redirected after connecting to the PirateBox. Pages would open on the right hand side of the screen with maybe an exception to upload for which I want to have a separate window popping up. This would eliminate the need to wait until an upload finishes, the window could be left open in the background and you could still chat or browse the files. Not sure though, I will see what works best.

This is where I am at the moment. Not much, I am trying to get proper redirection for the sites and also experimenting with different visual effects, colours, logo types etc.

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