Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Updating to Ubuntu 12.04

It seems like I was right when giving myself time to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, especially since upgrade didn't go as smooth as expected.
Soon, during the installation an error was encountered that didn't go away later on either:
E: ubuntu-keyring: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127
E: apt: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured

Also error messages are popping up like every 10 seconds, that is quite annoying...

Now the problem was with the aptdaemon meaning the software centre didn't work and neither did the update manager. I was sad when I saw posts about similar bugs and the solution was to run update-manager and reboot, my update manager didn't work at all.

I have tried the synaptic package manager
reinstall aptdaemon
remove & install aptdaemon
reinstall dpkg

Nothing worked so far.
Also the Dash Home is not really appearing properly even trying to set it to be "sensitive" still have to hoover 4-5 times with the mouse there to make it appear. (Common "bug" as I have read so far)

Long story short. I had so many errors in the system structure, without any update/reconfigure/restore functions working that I had to go for a full system reinstall.
I backed up my home folder and just reinstalled.

If you are about to reinstall Ubuntu I suggest you read this very short guide that will save you a lot of hassle:

Basically what you need to do is:
  1. Boot from your USB/CD, run gparted and destroy your ubuntu and swap partitions. DO NOT FORMAT THEM
  2. Reboot your computer from your USB/CD and start installing Ubuntu and it will be automatically installed on the unallocated space.
(This is very helpful when you have multiple OS on your PC)

I am still having small issues with my newly installed system, like when plugging in or unplugging USB it freezes and there is one more system error that keeps popping up and wants to report itself for the 100th time, but it actually doesn't say what the problem is.

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