Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Install .ttf Fonts "Manually"


I just had  a .ttf font I wanted to install to use in conky, but by double-clicking and executing it, the installer (font-viewer) failed. I received the error message "Install Failed". No clue why this has happened as I have previously installed fonts this way.
"Install Failed" message when trying to install a ttf font
"Install Failed" message when trying to install font

I knew about gnome-font-viewer that I could get from the Software Centre, but I didn't feel like installing another software just to get a new font. There has to be another way.


The solution, turned out, was quite simple. Copy the .ttf file to ~/.fonts/ and you are good to go. No logout or restart is needed, nothing.

So from the terminal,

cp /route/to/font.ttf ~/.fonts/

After this when starting a document editing software, e.g. AbiWord, the new fonts will be available.

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